See what our clients have to say

“Firstly thank you for a fantastic product and prompt and reliable service. I have been using opiate based pain killers daily for the last 2 years due to chronic neck pain…..up to 100mg per day of both OxyContin and Oxynorm. After taking your CBD AND THC…..10 drops CBD AND 5 drops THC, 3 times daily, I have reduced my intake of opiates to 0-20mg per day and have experienced a drastic reduction in pain and a vastly improved quality of life. Thank you so much for that.”

“Just a bit of feedback: I am happy to report that my son’s tics have virtually disappeared. I know he has settled into a routine and that takes away stress, but after using you CBD there was a drastic improvement. He is only taking 2 drops in the morning before school at present.”

“Well, I am already a firm believer in this plant for everything that is both difficult and wonderful about life, so I never once thought this would not work, but I never expected it to work just as well as it did last night!”

“My mum was in a great mood last night, joking around, dancing, just having the best time (this must have had to do with the reduced pain after giving her the minimum dosage recommended). “

“Usually she tosses and turns all night long, I have a camera in her room that is linked to the ipad and I can hear her moving around all night while I try to get my own sleep. Last night was the complete opposite, however, and at one point I had to go in to make sure she was still alive as she was not restless at all!”

“When I asked her this morning how her pain was on a scale of thumb-and-index-finger width (she cannot talk), she showed me that her pain was very, very small (thumb and index finger together) and this just blew my mind as she has been taking 4+ extremely strong pain killers per night just to be able to handle the pain. She had no pain killers last night, not one. “

“I have just finished my first bottle of CBD oil. My second one arrived this morning. I made it with exactly 3 drops to spare. The thought of the boy not having his drops was making me go a little crazy. From the first drop that went into his mouth I noticed an immediate difference. Each day that goes by you can see the change happen in front of your eyes. The immediate noticeable difference was his sudden change in eye contact. His behavior with regards to playing with toys also improves over time. I won’t say anything happens by itself or over night, but all the little differences are clearly showing progress and results. As an example, he hated his plastic push-bike, now he speeds down the driveway by himself. If I were to put it down to numbers, I would say 20% is parent effort (play together, explain talk to him, point things out together, therapy etc.) and I have to give 80% to the CBD (in this example, but with diet the number reduces). It’s a pity the stigma behind such a product is so poor. Every child who needs help should have access to this. “

“You guys are doing a great thing by allowing people access to these oils and I thank you so much for your amazing information regarding dosage and pain and conditions etc.”